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Service Agreements

A fully tailored service agreement gives you the best possible fit with your needs.



Our experts will help you to design the ideal agreement for you. The process starts with a free-of-charge risk analysis of all the motor and generator systems at your site. In addition, we will analyze your service requirements carefully reviewing the condition of your equipment and its importance in your operations  and recommend the most appropriate service agreement.

Our service agreements take your competencies and resources into account and are based on the optimum way of sharing the work. In particular, when technical support or remote troubleshooting services are added to the agreement it becomes critical to have competent personnel present on-site. Based on our recommendation you can select the service elements to include in the agreement. For additional convenience, a number of service plans can be coordinated under a single agreement.

An ABB service agreement is the most efficient way to manage the total life cycle of the motors, generators and mechanical power transmission products at your plant, while minimizing production risks.


Key benefits

  • Based on expert recommendations

  • Customized solutions for exact match with needs

  • Efficient and cost-effective

  • Single agreement for easy management










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