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 DC motors
  Reliability with less maintenance



The DMI DC motor provides higher output performance over a wide speed range and is easier to maintain compared to conventional DC motors. Unique features and a robust design increases motor reliability and extends the time between maintenance intervals. The power dense low-profile of the DMI DC motor also makes it easy to integrate into almost any existing application.


  • Extended speed range capabilities with superior commutating performance

  • Longer brush wear lengths compared to conventional designed brushes

  • Reduced commutator diameters resulting in lower peripheral speeds and extended brush life

  • Precise bearing tolerances preventing the risk of grease leakage into the motor

  • High quality bearings with long lubrication intervals

  • Mechanical brush wear monitoring system no special monitoring probed brushes required


  • IEC frame sizes 180, 200, 225, 250, 280, 315, 400

  • Power up to 1400 kW Torque up to 22.000 Nm

  • Voltage up to 810 V

  • IM horizontal or vertical, foot or flange

  • IP 22-55

  • IC-06, 17, 37, 86W, 666, 410

  • Class 200 Insulation

  • Meets standards IEC, CE, CSA (up to 710 V)









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