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Installation and Commissioning
Getting it completely right from the very start.



The DMI DC motor provides higher output performance over a wide speed range and is easier to maintain compared to conventional DC motors. Unique features and a robust design increases motor reliability and extends the time between maintenance intervals. The power dense low-profile of the DMI DC motor also makes it easy to integrate into almost any existing application.

Thatís the idea behind our professional installation and commissioning services. When you use these services you are making an investment in the long-term trouble free operation of your equipment.

We provide commissioning engineers with extensive experience in motors and generators. Their know-how, backed by the expertise of our design team, makes commissioning fast and smooth and lays the foundation for high reliability and efficiency.

Key benefits

  • Work carried out by skilled personnel only

  • Safe, controlled start-up methodology

  • Clearly defined procedures (eg, alignment protocol)

  • Standard reporting and recording of parameters

  • Faster installation and commissioning

  • Improved process operation for optimized cost of ownership

  • Increased reliability, efficiency and safety









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